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The Sacral Circle Class

COST: $20 
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Location: Yoga in Motion 

8055 West Avenue, Ste. 108

San Antonio, TX 78213


Janie will guide you through calming, breathing exercises, as well as a series of simple stretches and movements. She'll deliver restorative touch, and insights about the body along with powerful affirmations and visualizations. Enjoy hot tea after. 

Everything that is covered during the class can easily be used on a daily basis to keep your stress levels in check. Including: aromatherapy, the emotional freedom technique and basic reflexology/self-massage tips.


Co-meditative guidance and stretching provided by @JustinTheChangeArtist. 


To improve your stress levels, and the overall well-being of your mind, body, heart and soul. This is about learning how to process emotions properly, and how to heal repressed pain. It's also about communing with others who are on the path of self love, so you feel supported and uplifted. 


Feb. 23, 2020

Yoga in Motion
8055 West Avenue, Suite 108,
San Antonio, TX 78213


You will leave feeling lighter, revitalized, restored, loved and empowered.


Clothes you can easily move attire, sweats etc. 

Host a Private Sacral Circle

Email for details.


Host a SELF CARE gathering where you can unite in sisterhood for some relaxation, restoration and revitalization. Women typically put themselves last and rarely give themselves guilt free pleasure time. Self nurturing is key to your wellness. So, do yourselves a favor...get together to chillax your mind, body, heart and soul. 


Special rates apply. 

6 person minimum, 12 person maximum.




The mindfulness and relaxation techniques we offer have been proven to improve moral, productivity, communication and overall wellness of employees. Encouraging them to take better care of their well being, benefits them and the company's bottom line. We'll provide simple and practical stress taming tools that can help them in and out of work.

Special rates apply. 

6 person minimum, 12 person maximum.





Get a full 90 minutes of PERSONALIZED BLISS with Janie and Justin. Receive all the benefits of a group class 

with EXTRA SPECIAL ATTENTION. Janie will provide head to toe restorative work, which includes massage, reiki, aromatherapy and intuitive guidance on emotional/mental blockages. 


*Travel Fee May Apply


COUPLES UNIQUE DATE NIGHT - 2 Hrs. Try something out of the ordinary.

Connect with your significant other, with the intention to raise your level of love and caring for one another. You will learn how to provide simple relaxation techniques that will reduce stress, while strengthening emotional intimacy and physical connection with your partner. 


Janie will also provide hands on restorative body work for each of you, which includes massage, reiki and aromatherapy. We can provide location, or you can have the session in the privacy of your own home.


*Travel Fee May Apply


CHILL TIME for KIDS (5yrs - teens)

These days kids deal with a lot of stress and pressure. The mindful and relaxation techniques we deliver have been proven to help children with anxiety and behavioral disorders. Teaching them easy practical wellness tools at an early age, benefits them greatly as adults. Justin's experience working with the youth through his magic skills, allows him to keep it fun and entertaining. This allows us to maintain their attention while delivering the healing effects. 

Special rates apply. 

6 person minimum, 12 person maximum.

Be a Part of the Self-Love Movement!